Why you should avoid the ‘$250’ computer deal at your local store.

Why you should avoid the ‘$250’ computer deal at your local store.

Computers and parts are continuing to get cheaper, faster and better. This is a true statement, to a point. Extremely low-cost computers are not cheap due to that statement, they are truly low-cost alternatives. These computers will run Windows, Office Applications and surf the web. However, they will be much slower and more likely to fail, most likely at the worse time possible.

These computers will come with home versions of Windows and at most a trial of office applications and antivirus software. They will be loaded with ‘junk’ software and hardware from a number of years ago. It will be newly built hardware, but using the older technology. They also use low cost, high production hardware that is known to fail or break much faster. They have basically no serviceable parts and repairs will cost more than the computer if something does fail.

If your in search of a computer for your business (home office, small or medium sized) do yourself and your IT support a favor and avoid these “too good to be true” deals.

If your in search of a family computer used for basic web browsing, will not store anything important and are okay with replacing every 1-2 years then these computers may serve you fine.  If you do purchase one with this in mind, but your requirements change, plan on replacing sooner then later.  The last thing you want is a failure in middle of an important project.  Also make sure you have a proper backup solution and test it frequently.  See our backups post for more information on backups.

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