Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Dedicated Managed Data Center Servers

Using our secure data center and dedicated servers, we will host, manage and maintain your server resources. We use the latest in technology to provide virtualization, dedicated resources, backups, security and virus protection to provide the highest level of up-time, protection and security.

About Data Center

We have many years of professional experience hosting customer data, maintaining backups, and building stable servers to provide high quality hosting solutions for all your business needs. Our primary data center space is in Atlanta, Georgia with offsite space in Colorado and California.

Dedicated servers are backed by our 100% Up-time Guarantee. We use only high quality, major brand, server class hardware. In the event that a server component fails, we have spares on site for quick replacement. Our network is backed by reliable and fully redundant networking gear.

We have a Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement). So we can licensing your Windows software, including Windows Server, Exchange and SQL Licenses. We also offer cPanel, DirectAdmin, Softaculous and CHMCS licensing.

Service Examples

      • Remote Desktop Server Hosting, including management, monitoring and licensing.
      • Web Servers, Windows or Linux based.
      • Linux Based Servers for all your web site hosting, email services or custom solutions.
      • Full nightly backups for quick file level or full OS restore. Snapshots on demand.
      • Servers dedicated to your business. No more shared resources and slow downs due to other companies needs. Pricing comparable to shared hosting with management services.
      • Optional data backup to NAS devices in your office, so you never loose access to your data.

Over 20 years of Professional experience in the Managed Services Industry!

We have the time and experience to support all your business Computer and Network needs.