Backup and Recovery

Revision Rollback

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to content and demands the user pay a ransom to remove the restriction.

The Revision Rollback feature is particularly useful to end users who have been effected by ransomware on their local machines. Using the Revision Rollback feature, users can recover saved data utilizing a files revision history restoring all existing saved content to a healthy revision.end

Selective Sync

The Selective Sync feature lets you select and deselect the content that syncs to your local machine.

While all of your content will still exist in the cloud, you have granular control over the amount of data that is stored locally. 


When you edit a file, the system keeps track of each revision. Using this feature, you can view and optionally restore older versions of files.

This feature is useful when you make a mistake when editing and saving a file or if you want to see older revisions made by members of your teamshare. 

File Locking

The system allows users to place locks on files and folders, giving subscribers the ability to set read-only permissions on shared content.

This feature prevents other teamshare subscribers from editing or overwriting content while changes are being made.

Deleted Files

End users can view and restore deleted files from within the web portal.

This means by default, deleted files are never fully purged, and are instead available to restore if needed. 


You can create backups of folders that exist in your local machine.

You might want to create a backup of a folder that you want to protect but do not want to save. Backups reside in the cloud and can be access by the web portal. Learn more by watching the video. 

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