The Basics

Getting Started

Your file sync tool allows you to share files and folders across your devices. 

It helps you collaborate and share content with others, so if you are working on your mobile device, your desktop, or your favorite browser, you can have access to your work content, and you can easily share this with others.

Guest File Upload

Guest uploads allow you to share a folder with a guest and whether or not they can add or delete files from that folder. 

Guest accounts are very useful when you would like to set up a temporary share with a third party, and when you would like to allow them to upload files to the share that you provided.

End User Overview

Get started by learning to navigate your file sync tool.

Learn to use your file sync tool to share and access your files from anywhere, including your mobile devices. 

File Share For End Users

End users can collaborate and share content using both team shares or individual share links.

Team Shares are folders that can be accessed by groups of users for long term collaboration accessed by internal users only.

Individual shares allow you to share a direct link to a file or folder that can be accessed by both internal and external users.

Install Synced Tool

Install Synced Tool on your various devices, including mobile devices.

A step by step walkthrough of installation on various devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows phone devices.

Revision Rollback

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to content and demands the user pay a ransom to remove the restriction.

The Revision Rollback feature is particularly useful to end users who have been effected by ransomware on their local machines. Using the Revision Rollback feature, users can recover saved data utilizing a files revision history restoring all existing saved content to a healthy revision.end

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