Web and Integration

Web Preview

The Web Preview Tool allows you to quickly view dozens of file types without leaving the web browser or navigating away from the system.

Because you can view content without fully downloading it to your machine, you can reduce storage and bandwidth requirements and enhance your collaboration options.

Office Integration

You can add the file sync agent as a storage location in Microsoft Office, making it easy for you to open, edit, and save Microsoft Office supported content in the anchor cloud.

This allows easy access for teamshare members to view, edit, and save documents. 

Web Editing and Collaboration

Within the real-time collaborative web editor you can edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from directly within the web portal without needing to download a separate application or navigate away from the system.

Make changes simultaneously with multiple co authors and view changes in real-time. 

Outlook Integration

The Outlook add-in lets you email links to files and folders using your Windows Microsoft Outlook Application.

When you use the Outlook add-in, you can share links to synced items as well as local content directly from within your email platform.

Mobile App

Using an Android or iOS device, you can download the app through Google Play or the App Store on your mobile device.

Using the mobile app allows you to upload and view content, share files and folders, and much more.

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